If You Don’t Mind

If You Don't Mind

In August, our missionary to Bengali Muslims received a call from a member at his Bengali church. She told him that some friends she grew up with in Bangladesh had just arrived in Toronto to prepare their high school age daughter for school here. 

The missionary was able to get in contact with the mother who came with her high school age daughter and another 4 year old daughter and eventually help them find a sustainable rental home by signing the lease with them. For weeks, he continued to use his connections to help find them furniture and kitchen supplies and drove them to buy groceries.

The girls are always excited to see him so, one day, the mother invited him in for tea and snacks after he had dropped off some groceries. She is a very dedicated Muslim who wears hijab, prays extra prayers, and recites the Qur’an daily. This is why the missionary was so surprised when, as they sat drinking tea, the mother hesitantly asked, “If you don’t mind, I have a question for you.”

“If I know the answer, I will tell you,” the missionary replied.

“You are a Christian, but your name sounds like you are a Muslim. So, who are you? Muslim or Christian?” she asked.

The missionary says he was very conflicted at that point. On one hand, he felt tempted to deny or ignore her question. On the other hand, he felt the Holy Spirit prompting him that this was his opportunity to witness Christ to this woman, this lost soul. Prayerfully, he followed the Holy Spirit’s prompting. It took him 15 minutes to share his testimony. The mother listened attentively.

After, she said, “I had Christian neighbours growing up. They were not able to answer many of my questions. I know Isa (Jesus) is one of our prophets, but why do I have to accept Him as Saviour? Why do Christians say Isa is God or the Son of God?”

The missionary spent about an hour showing that Jesus is more than a mere prophet in both the Bible and in the Qur’an. He explained how Jesus is the anointed one sent by God to pay the ransom for sinners.

“What does it take to be a follower of Jesus Christ?” she asked. The missionary was shocked for her to be asking a question like that so soon.

“Believe that Jesus can forgive your sin and with that belief, you can come to Him in prayer and promise to follow Him for the rest of your life,” he replied. Before he could say another word, she replied.

“Can I do that now?”

“Of course,” said the missionary, shocked. She held his hand and repeated the prayer after him, committing her life to Christ. The missionary told her more about obedience in faith and baptism. She says she wants to know more about Jesus before taking baptism.

Now that she has a Bible, she reads it every day and asks the missionary questions. The missionary has also shared the Gospel with her oldest daughter and they both are praying for her to grow to know Christ as well.

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