In 2023, the Global Gates Network of Canada(GGNC) witnessed profound impact as our missionaries shared the transformative message of hope in Global Gateway Cities. The heartbeat of our mission echoes in these testimonies—stories of lives touched, communities changed, and least-reached people groups encountering the love of Christ.

This report is a testament to your generosity. Your steadfast support has fueled this mission, making these stories possible. As you read on, we express our deepest gratitude for standing with us in this journey.

Afghan People Group

When Smiles Hurt

Most days the older Afghan men in our neighbourhood wear cold hard faces, each wrinkle hiding stories of trauma, loss and hopelessness But sometimes a smile breaks through as it did one day this fall at the playground behind our apartment building.

Punjabi People Group

Be Wise

During my time in Toronto, I’ve been drawn to the Punjabi Sikh students, one of the largest Least-Reached Peoples immigrating to Canada from Northwest India. This people group has a strong cultural heritage and wonderful pride in their community.

Afghan People Group

Facing Jesus

“Look at my face,” I said to my former Muslim friend as she walked into the coffee shop looking painfully frail, struggling to stand, and with a cold white face I had never seen her with before.

Hindi People Group

New Life

Our friend “P” was going through heartbreak after a returning from a trip to India where his girlfriend’s parents refused their marriage due to a difference in their castes.

Bengali People Group

If You Don't Mind...

In August, our missionary to Bengali Muslims in the GTA received a call from a member at his Bengali church. She told him that some friends she grew up with in Bangladesh had just arrived in Toronto to prepare their high school age daughter for school here.

Hindi People Group

Go Tell It

“I don’t know how many will make it on Christmas Eve,” said Madhu as 5 of our 10 Hindu friends “called-in” sick.

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