Facing Jesus

Facing Jesus

“Look at my face,” I said to my former Muslim friend as she walked into the coffee shop looking painfully frail, struggling to stand, and with a cold white face I had never seen her with before.

I struggled to hold back tears as I watched the sister in Christ I’ve been mentoring face a nasty spiritual attack.

“Look at me sister,” I told my malnourished friend who had refused to eat for many days while battling condemnation, shame and thoughts of ending her own life.

After some hashbrowns and coffee, the spiritual darkness still seemed intense. Then, I felt the nudging of the Spirit to read the Word of God.

Something happened!

I literally saw her face change in real-time, growing in colour and vitality as I read out-loud verse after verse from Psalm 139.

When I got home, I looked at Jon and said this: “I always knew the Word of God is sharper than any two-edged sword, but I had never seen it work so visibly as I did today.”

Show us and our Muslim friends Your face and truth Lord, as this song captures so beautifully.

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