Associates are committed and strategic volunteers who participate in the life and ministry of Global Gates Network of Canada, while benefiting from unique training, coaching and resourcing not available to any other volunteer or intern.

Who can be an Associate?

There is no cookie-cutter mold for an Associate. Sometimes Associates hold another job where they earn an income, other times they are retired, stay-at-home spouses, or students. 

What do Associates do?

Associates work with their coach to develop a ministry plan that both fits the vision and mission of Global Gates Network of Canada, and incorporates their unique giftings, interests and life situation. All Associates must serve at least 20 hours per month.


Eun is a young lady who works as a nurse at a palliative care hospital in Toronto. She absolutely loves her job and has a passion for caring for her patients and their families. She can’t imagine leaving her kingdom outpost. After going through a Perspectives course run by her local church, and learning about the 10,000 Tibetans living in her part of Toronto, Eun also wants to find a way to reach out to lonely Tibetan elders with the Gospel on Mondays when she’s not working. 


Lisa is a seasoned digital marketer. She now runs her own consultancy out of her home in Vancouver and supports a dozen missions organizations. Even so, Lisa doesn’t just want to finance missions but actually use the skills God’s given her. Lisa recently heard a podcast talking about digital outreach in India, and she’s excited to see if there are any ministries in her area doing something similar. Lisa wants to invest in helping other ministry teams leverage digital strategies for the sake of the Gospel.


Abdul is from Afghanistan. His family arrives in Montreal as refugees. He wants to continue preaching Christ to other Afghan refugees as an extension of the ministry he led back in Asia, but he does not have connections in Canada. The small church he has joined doesn’t have the resources to support him. Abdul also doesn’t want the Afghan community to easily connect him with some ‘foreign’ missions.

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